The Conqueror

 -The Conqueror is a device that stands on its own.
 -The Conqueror gives you the possibility to customise your sound to your own requirements.
 -The Conqueror can be used both left or right handed.

   -Neck scale:        25,50”       24 frets
– Neck scale:        24,75”       22 frets

 -The Conqueror is fabricated to place a 4 hole neck plate 2” x 2-1/2” Screw holes 1-1/2” x 2”.        
     Because of the elongated holes it is possible to adjust the neck forwards and backwards.
 -The Conqueror gives you the opportunity to rotate your pickups in every direction.
 -The Conqueror has a capability to place up to 8 Single coils or 4 Humbuckers.
 -The Conqueror gives you now the chance to choose for the Conqueror fixed bridge or a standard    
       floating bridge..


Customise sound to your requirements.


Can be used both left or right handed.


The Conqueror or standard floating bridge.